Prof. dr. Joost Frenken
Director Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography
Professor in Experimental Physics at UvA and VU

Joost Frenken is the Director of the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL) in Amsterdam and a professor of Physics at both universities in Amsterdam (UvA and VU). ARCNL is a unique, long-term, public-private partnership that focuses on the fundamental physics and chemistry involved in current and future key technologies in nanolithography, primarily for the semiconductor industry.

Joost studied physics at the UvA and did his PhD research at AMOLF. After this, he was a postdoc in Göttingen (Germany), a visiting scientist at the IBM research laboratory in Yorktown Heights (US) and a group leader at AMOLF, before settling in 1995 at Leiden University as a professor and leader of a research group. Frenken left Leiden in 2014 to build up and lead ARCNL.

Joost’s own scientific expertise is in the atomic-scale structure, diffusion, chemical reactions, phase transitions and friction phenomena at surfaces and interfaces, investigated with advanced instruments, developed under his supervision. His achievements have been recognized in several research awards and a membership of the KNAW, The Netherlands Royal Academy of Sciences. Joost Frenken has (co)-initiated two companies, Leiden Probe Microscopy BV and Applied Nanolayers BV.